Student Voices 2012: ALI



Our second day in Grenoble, we went to the Bastille and had an amazing welcome dinner.  This was pretty much my first culinary experience on the trip.  There were many to follow.  When we first got there we were given an aperitif which we learned is a before dinner drink.  It was yummy!  Our first dish came and we enjoyed salmon carpaccio.  At first, we were all a little apprehensive about trying it, but after some encouraging words, we all tried it.  I loved it.  I couldn’t get enough.  The main dish was an amazing chicken with a yummy sauce.  The sides were a carrot puree, and another veggie that I did not like.  I think the chicken was the most amazing thing I had ever eaten though.  The dessert was some fruit dish that was pretty good as well.  After the meal some other girls and I decided to enjoy a digestif.  This is an after dinner drink that is usually a harder drink.  We thought we ordered one drink but I’m pretty sure we accidentally ordered Limoncello, which was fine because it was delish.  After the dinner we went out and experienced a little bit of Grenoble’s night life.  All in all, it was an amazing night, and it was the perfect welcome to France!


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