Student Voices 2012: JESSICA


1)Roman Ruins
2) Astronomical Clock at Saint Jean
3) Me & zebra at Parc de la Tete d’Or

On Saturday May 26th myself and 3 other girls headed to Lyon, France for our 3 day weekend. It took my roommate, Shelby, and I forever to figure out what we wanted to do on this weekend but it turned out to be the right choice. Stephanie joined us and we invited the “new girl” Alex to come as well.

It started with the train ride. I was excited that we booked a hotel 5 minutes from the train station. Turns out we entered into the wrong train station and we ended up having to take a taxi 15 minutes to our hotel. During check in, we discovered how nice the people who owned the hotel were. They were very helpful in telling us where to shop, eat and drink. We were barely in our hotel rooms for 10 minutes before we headed to the shops. This is when I started getting a little shoe crazy. I told Shelby to keep an eye on me when shopping to make sure I didn’t buy another pair of shoes. She ultimately failed and I left Lyon that weekend with 4 new pairs. The following day the ladies and I were determined to see what Lyon had to offer. We asked the woman at the front desk about Parc de la Tete d’Or. She jumped from her seat and rushed over to a giant map on the wall and showed us how to get there. She described the park as “magnificent.” Indeed it was. I was blown away by the amount of land and beauty. We started by walking through the rose garden. I had no idea how many different kinds of roses existed. It was gorgeous. Then we made our way through the zoo. All the animals were out and showing off which made for great pictures! Giraffes posed, alligators were like stone out in the open, pelicans were close enough to touch and monkeys swung from the tops of their cages. Then we moved on to the botanical gardens which was full of green houses and thousands of species of plants and fungi. I have never been to a park to large that offers all these great things and for FREE!

The day was only half over at this point. It was time to cross the rivers and trek up to the churches and ruins. The first stop was Cathedral Saint Jean Baptiste. I walked into this church and immediately got goose bumps. The stained glass brought tears to my eyes, which I tried to hold back to avoid embarrassment. The Cathedral was more amazing then I could have imagined and brought a new meaning of Catholicism to my faith. I dropped a couple euro into the donation box and lit a candle with prayers for my late uncle and grandfather. Sad to leave, we started our trek up Fourvière Hill to Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere. On our way up it began to drizzle but I was firm in my desire to see the next church. While this church did not move me like the other, I did get to witness mass in progress, which was wonderful. On our way down the hill we stopped at Theatres Romains de Fourviere. These ancient amphitheatres have special meaning to me because of my love of theatre and the arts. I was ecstatic to learn that Lyon is in the process of restoring the amphitheatres and use them for their original purpose of plays and concerts. Night was starting to creep on us at this point and we started our way back to the hotel. I left with a rosary, pray cards, beautiful pictures, and irreplaceable memories.

The rest of the weekend was made up of a night of drinking, and more spectacular shopping at Lyon Part-Dieu shopping center which houses over 300 stores.

We were ready to head home to Grenoble, seeing as how our feet ached and we were out of money. This was the best weekend I spent in France. Lyon is a beautiful city with so much to offer.


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