Student Voices 2012: LAMETRIA

Leaving the country for the very first time was such an experience. Just the plane rides alone were completely surreal. When I arrived to Grenoble, France I still could not believe that I was there. It is such a beautiful place. The mountain view from my hotel room was so humbling and peaceful. To start off, out hotel Caserne de Bonne was a very great hotel. The rooms were up to date in furnishing and style; very comfortable place to stay for the entire month that we were there. Right next to the hotel there was a pretty nice shopping mall and grocery store Monoprix… BUT DON’T GO TO THIS GROCERY STORE! Go to the grocery store up the street called Int

re Marche. It has a wider selection of goods and the prices are much more reasonable.

The welcome dinner up in the Bastille was an amazing experience. We traveled so high up that we had a great view of the entire city of Grenoble. It was beautiful, and then we had dinner. The food here is amazing, if you know what to try; but try EVERYTHING!

We went to a neighboring town Annecy, about 30 minutes away where we got a guided tour of the city and then had a big feast at a local restaurant! This was a restaurant where they served you raw meats and you cook it yourself on the cooker that’s at your table. They served us so much food it was ridiculous! Annecy was amazing. Then there was zip lining in the rain forest. This was one of the most fun planned activities of the entire trip! If you’re afraid of heights, as I am, STILL DO IT! It was so much fun.

France was amazing and all these activities I’ve just informed you about took place in just the first week! If you’re debating about attending this study abroad trip in your near future, let this blog be your deciding factor! Please go! It was worth every dollar… or euro LOL 😉

Picture 1- Me over Grenoble (Welcome Dinner)

Picture 2- Zip Lining

Picture 3- Best dish I had in France (Alfredo pasta with smoked salmon)

Picture 4- Annecy, France


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